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About Us

Decorating the home is a magical time!
We have at your disposal 1000m2 with a wide range of decorative and garment fabrics, accessories and upholstery, giving priority to the quality of all products and customers service.

At SC Atelier we manufacture curtains, couches, blankets, and anything you want for your home to become more welcoming.

Visit us in Campo de Ourique.
Santo Condestável - Fabrics
Santo Condestável - Fabrics
Santo Condestável - Fabrics

What we do

SANTO CONDESTÁVEL presents itself as a company specializing in the sale of fabrics among other items in both decoration and confection. We work with over 300 suppliers worldwide, in order to offer all possible quality and diversity, as well as the best prices.

Existing for more than three decades, our concept is to offer a wide range of fabrics, rods, upholstery and other decorative products and clothing that suit various spaces, always with the guarantee of a professional and personalized service.

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